Recipe 16: Spanish shrimp and chorizo over rice

As per usual, I never follow a recipe completely. So here is my version of this gem found in the Big Orange Cookbook
14 oz chorizo
16 jumbo shrimp
Handful of fresh parsley
Juice of one orange
2T olive oil
2 cloves garlic minced
2 t smoked paprika
Salt to taste 
1 c brown rice
2t turmeric 
2 c chicken broth 
1/2 c white wine
1 c peas
1/4 c green olives
1/4 c yellow onion
Hot sauce to taste

Combine garlic, salt, paprika, hot sauce, orange, parsley and marinate shrimp. While marinating, cook rice in wine and broth. Add peas, turmeric, and onion to sweat while cooking. When done, combine and add olives and almonds. 

*** funny note. I have a very small and naughty kitten. I measured out my couscous and left it on the counter. When I returned, she had climbed the counter and was digging like a sandbox so I had to get out the water bottle for discipline and start all over with non-contaminated ingredients. 

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