Recipe 16: Spanish shrimp and chorizo over rice

As per usual, I never follow a recipe completely. So here is my version of this gem found in the Big Orange Cookbook
14 oz chorizo
16 jumbo shrimp
Handful of fresh parsley
Juice of one orange
2T olive oil
2 cloves garlic minced
2 t smoked paprika
Salt to taste 
1 c brown rice
2t turmeric 
2 c chicken broth 
1/2 c white wine
1 c peas
1/4 c green olives
1/4 c yellow onion
Hot sauce to taste

Combine garlic, salt, paprika, hot sauce, orange, parsley and marinate shrimp. While marinating, cook rice in wine and broth. Add peas, turmeric, and onion to sweat while cooking. When done, combine and add olives and almonds. 

*** funny note. I have a very small and naughty kitten. I measured out my couscous and left it on the counter. When I returned, she had climbed the counter and was digging like a sandbox so I had to get out the water bottle for discipline and start all over with non-contaminated ingredients. 


Downhill Skiing for the first time (almost)

I once upon a time went skiing at Mt. Zion during a free trial day while attending Gogebic Community College.  It was a good time, yet I haven't gone back to downhill since-- 12 years ago. So, to satisfy my husband and my bestie, I agreed to a day of downhill skiing. This is me "catching air" and "shredding the gnar." There happened to be a professional photographer as I came down Powderhorn Mountain's bunny hill.

In all actuality, this is how my day went:

I did the splits, a trick where each of my legs faced a different direction, a yard sale, among other tricks like smashing my forehead off the ground and bruising every extremity. However, the day was awesome because I did something out of my comfort zone with my bestie, her guy, and my guy. A Christmas Miracle!

Candlelit Skiing at Miners Trails

A last minute Sunday event for a great cause. I went xc skiing with my brother and soon-to-be SISTER. Any time we have something going on locally and outdoors, it's a great chance for some exercise and a reason to get out of the house. For those of you who don't xc ski, you must! People were also out snowshoeing. A great community event!

I tried to get a candlelit photo, but my sweaty hands were giving off too much steam 


21 Day Fix Extreme Review

Yesterday marks my completion of the 21 day fix and I'd like to give you a run down on how it went, if any of you are interested in the program.
Photo from Beachbody.com
I recently became a beach body coach and I really love their workouts and figured, why not get a discount?! So, the last challenge I was a part of was the 21 day fix (or extreme). Now, I never tried the 21 day fix so I can't compare the original workouts to the extreme version.

I wasn't 100% excited because I thought this was mostly a crash diet with some lame workouts. However, the extreme version has some difficult ones like plyometrics involving jumping with weights and a couple others that are pretty difficult.

I was also skeptical of the diet because I remember an acquaintance of mine say, "I know it's working because I'm hungry at the end of the day." I thought...hungry at the end of the day? That sounds miserable and unhealthy. The exact opposite was true for me. I had a hard time eating that much and that often. So the diet was great and the workouts were even better. I've been a cardio junkie and it was nice to put some weights into the mixture. So, if you want some quick results and something new to try, give it a whirl.

This is my little workouts space. All you need for this program is a resistance band, a yoga mat, and a set of light and heavy dumbbells (I used 5 and 10). I needed up weighing the same in the end and lost five inches which shows the scale is only one form of measurement. Without it being holiday season, I probably would've been a bit better, but that's better than gaining though Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas. Is that a things? Pre-Christmas? And if any of you are interested in the next challenge, a Hammer and Chisel accountability group starts on Jan. 4. Free shipping and guaranteed delivery happen if you order by the end of the day today. You can still be a part of if ordered after, but your shakeology may not be here in time.